The first group of Pilgrims from BiH went from Medina to Mecca

Yesterday morning, 540 pilgrims from BiH in 12 buses departed for Mecca and their arrival was planned around the Asr prayer, around 5 PM.

“Our pilgrims are feeling very well. We departed for Mecca this morning and we have a positive atmosphere here,” said the Director of the Office for Hajj and Umrah Nezim ef. Halilovic and expressed his hope that the same atmosphere will remain until the end.

The pilgrims wore ihram attire and recited the sacred words of intention at Dhu-l-Hulayfah Miqat, after which they continued their trip to Mecca.

After they arrived in Mecca, they were accommodated in hotels Ibis Styles and Menasik-l Adl, where they rested for a while and then started their Umrah, which involves the performance of Tawaf around Kaaba, runs back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah, and hair cutting.

Halilovic stated that those who are currently ill will perform their Umrah rituals tomorrow.

The second group of pilgrims, a total of 450 of them, will leave from Medina to Mecca on Friday, after the prayer, the third group will leave on Saturday at 11 AM, and the 4th group will leave on Sunday at 11 AM.

Therefore, all pilgrims from BiH will be in Mecca on Sunday.

The leader of the medical team, Adem Zalihic, a specialist in urgent medicine, confirmed that the health of our pilgrims is satisfactory.

He stated that they had more than 400 interventions during the six to seven-days long stay in Medina. It is a common pathology, which involves diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, elevated body temperature, viral infections, as well as deterioration of already existing illnesses.

“We managed to deal with all of them so that none of the pilgrims from BiH had to go to the hospital,” stated Zalihic.

The doctors will open the stationary at the Ibis Styles hotel, with the aim to be as close to the pilgrims as possible.

(Source: klix.ba)


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