First Ethno Village in Nevisinje

nevesinje (1)Nevesinje could receive its first ethno village, “Hercegovački krš”, according to the idea of the Organization of Creative Assembly (OKO) from this city. A group of young people wishes to use the natural resources of this area to make a unique complex for tourists.

A few days ago, they presented the projected to the RS Ministry for Trade and Tourism. Minister Maida Ibrišagić-Hrstić praised the idea of this youth organization, and said that the Ministry of Tourism and Trade, in accordance with its financial opportunities, supports innovative and quality projects that seek to improve tourism in the RS.

The Organization told portal ‘’ that this Ministry would help the project with 20.000 KM, and the Ministry of Health with 40.000 KM.

However, support does not stop at that. The huge importance of the complex that would be built near the lake in Nevesinje was supported by the municipality, which is in cooperation with companies from that city and lent support in the form of needed machinery. Also, help is coming from ‘Elektroprivrede RS’.

The ethno village “Hercegovački krš” would have several houses, built of stone from Herzegovina. They were guided by the idea to use the resources in Nevesinje, such as stones and straw, and in this way build objects that once existed in this area. In order to maintain the authenticity of Herzegovina houses, modern materials would not be used as much.

For all those who decide to spend their vacation in this complex and to experience Herzegovina fully, ethno cuisine would be included in the offer, with specialties and healthy food from this region.

At the competition of the Ministry for Trade and Tourism, which will soon be released, OKO will send its project. Currently, architects are working on 3D animation for the complex, and until it is complete, there are photos of conceptual design houses. The entire complex could receive up to 50 tourists.


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