First Eco-Festival of Days of Vrbas Began in Banja Luka

vrbasThe Mayor of Banja Luka Slobodan Gavranović opened yesterday the first Eco-Festival entitled “Days of Vrbas”, which should provide an ecological dimension to the manifestation “Summer on the Vrbas”.

The Eco-Festival is being organized by the Association of Citizens “Zeleni Vrbas” in cooperation with the City Tourist Organization and with the support of Banja Luka, and as part of this manifestation art colonies, ecological workshops, promotion of rafting and kayaking on the Vrbas are planned events.

Gavranović said that these events on the Vrbas do not have only cultural-sport characteristics, but also environmental ones. He recalled that two months ago he signed a charter for a clean Vrbas with mayors of municipalities from Vrbas Valley, and that today’s manifestation of a promotion of objectives are aimed at changing the perception that this river does not only contain natural resources, but that it is an important economic and tourist resource.

“We decided this because we are putting significant effort in taking care of the Vrbas as a clean, healthy and ecologically acceptable river, which will throughout its course be effectively protected from further pollution. Due to this, all efforts towards achieving this goal are important’’, said Gavranović to journalists.

The Director of the Tourist Organization of Banja Luka Ostoja Barašin said that on Saturday, 13 July standards of the program of the manifestation “Summer on Vrbas” will begin.

“We wish to give Vrbas the maximum and to take care of it as much as our resources allow it, without incurring damage to its biodiversity’’, said Barašin.

He said that this year is of particular importance given to the jubilee-60 years of the manifestation “Summer on Vrbas”, and that on Monday, 15 July on this occasion there will be an exhibition of photographs, promotion of movies and publication of 60 years of “Summer on the Vrbas”.

According to him, the traditional jumps from the city bridge is scheduled for Saturda, 13 July.

(Source: Nezavisne Novine)

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