First Components for German Electric Cars Left the RS

Electric carThe Acting Director of the Company “Nikola Tesla” Dragan Vučetić said that the first phase of production of components for electric cars has been completed, and that these components have been built into the cars and there are regular deliveries for Germany. Vučetić said that the first phase is currently underway for the production of 60 cars and that the German partner confirmed that the components are functioning.

“The company ‘Famos’ from Lukavica made some components in two days at the level of German products and now we have an agreement worth 500 million euros in the next five years that should be implemented’’, said Vučetić for Alternative Television, who is also an advisor to the President of the RS.

He said that the Banja Luka ‘Elas’ made a chassis for an electric car at the level of German quality, ‘Famos’ from Lukavica made key parts for differential, and the company ‘Kaldera’ succeeded to work together with the company ‘Nikola Tesla’ to make a charger for an electric car that can charge it within an hour.

Vučetić said that it is four times faster than what current world companies are doing, such as ‘Toyota’.

Speaking on the production in the company in Bileći, Vučetić said that employees have standard norms just like in other places-Novi Grad or Trebinje, where a part of the production is taking place, and added that he does not have information that employees in Bileći are mistreated.

“They started from scratch. If anyone in the process of the implementation of the production process mistreated employees or violated the law, that person will be held responsible’’, said Vučetić.

He recalled that the RS government at the session in Bileći  on 10 April adopted a business plan for the development of the textile industry in Herzegovina worth more than 20 million KM, and said that the project favors Herzegovina.

“We have a green light for the first phase for the realization of this project in Bileći, Trebinje and Ljubinje, for which bank guarantees are ensured, guarantees of the RS and at this moment we are overcoming administrative barriers so that all these processes could be in accordance with legal procedures’’, he said.

Vučetić said that the business policy of the German partner of the company “Nikola Tesla’ is to bring together in one location as many employees as they can.

“Currently the company that is cooperating with us can employ up to 10.000 employees and there are real needs for this. Now it is up to us to see what part of that we can actually realize’’, said Vučetić.

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