First Colouring Book about Medieval Bosnia to be published soon?

The youngest residents of BiH, as well as a bit older ones, will have the opportunity to learn something from the rich history of this Western Balkan country in a completely new and different way soon.

The organization “Sitan vez” from Sarajevo is currently preparing the first colouring book with the motifs of the medieval Bosnia for children, which will be available to all children in BiH, regardless of their financial situation.

This colouring book follows the adventures of Hus and Zmajki, characters that were based on the historical personality of Husein-Captain Gradascevic, who is also known as “the Dragon of Bosnia”. He introduces all the readers with stecak tombstones, Bosnian kings, Bosnian towns etc.

They noted that this work is intended for children from 18 months to 10 years of age.

“The idea of the colouring book is to present motifs from the rich history of BiH in a simple and beautiful way. We chose the character of Husein-Captain Gradascevic, who visits the famous historical events and shows the beauty of Bosnian culture and explains our history through descriptions of the scenes with the help of his dragon (Zmajki),” as noted from the organization.

They added that Captain Gradascevic represents a positive historical personality whose acts are impressive and “he offers the solution of Bosnian unity, equality and the fight for the sovereignty of our country”.

They noted that they received great reactions of the public from the very beginning, and that they are positively surprised with reactions to their campaign.

“We believe that we will be able to reach our goal,” they stated.

The first copies of this colouring book should be released soon and children in BiH will get the opportunity to learn about the history of our country from this colouring book very soon.

(Source: Al Jazeera)


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