The first Center for Bioremediation in BiH to be open soon?

March 10, 2018 12:30 PM

The Center for Bioremediation of soil contaminated by oil and oil derivatives will be officially opened on Wednesday, March 28, in Lukavac. It was constructed as a result of the cooperation between KEMIS-BH and Dekont CR.

Partner companies Kemis BH Ltd. and Dekonta a.s., have been working together in the sector of environmental improvement of BiH for a long period of time. The establishment of the first facility for treatment of contaminated soil in BiH is a result of this cooperation.

To recall, the Center for Bioremediation was constructed in the industrial zone of Lukavac and the value of the investment amounts to a total of 300.000,00 BAM.

This is the first center of this kind on the territory of BiH, Serbia and Montenegro.

Conditions for decontamination of soil in accordance with EU standards and its reuse for different purposes will be created with the establishment of a functional Center for Bioremediation. The project will lead to reduction of environmental impact, improvement of the current state and development of the waste management system in BiH, as well as contribute to the development of new technologies and creation of new workplaces.




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