The first BH Computer, the smallest in the World, produced in Gracanica!

Gracanica computersA couple of days ago, the first promotion of BH computer that is integrated into the fiscal printer was organized in Gracanica. It is a demanding project and a group of engineers worked on it for almost a year.

On this occasion, director of the company Nihad Hodzic and his associates who have worked on the smallest integrated computer, presented the computer to their associates, customers, the media, and citizens. With a video presentation and slides, the smallest computer called Craidd SOM was presented to the audience.

Craidd SOM is the smallest SOM in the world, with pre-installed Linux or Android operating system and has the capacity to perform bigger automated tasks.

“We can proudly say that we completed the process of testing the first BH computer. It is a complex SOM module that requested the design of High-Density Interface (HDI) system, the design that is used in the development of mobile devices, tablets and computers and then the production of prototypes with BGA components. All of tests were successfully completed and we will start with the production,” said the director of sales Nihad Hadzihasanovic.

The first products based on this module are hybrid thermal printer FP2 (printer + PC with Android OS) and Craidd – Android / Linux SOM.

It is important to note that the entire production of these devices, together with SOM, will take place in Gracanica.

“We invested in a new production facility that will allow the production of these and other electronic devices in BiH, which further opens a great opportunity for other companies as well to realize their ideas by using our production resources and capacities,” said the director.

Craidd SOM-ARM is the optimum solution for automation, monitoring, and control of equipment, as well as for many other industrial applications.

(Source: akta.ba)

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