First Balkan (Con)Text With Dževad Karahasan Held

03The first Balkan (Con) Text conversation within the 53rd International Theatre Festival MESS was held at the Museum of Literature and Theatre Arts of B&H. Journalists, guests and fans of performing arts spoke about the adaptations of dramatic texts and dramatization with Dževad Karahasan, author of “Concert of Birds” which played last night at the Chamber Theatre 55.

“I did not come up with the idea but the idea came to me” said Karahasan in the introduction of his speech, adding: I think that this performance is a hybrid genre, and my aim was to elevate sub-literary genre to literature. Literature for me is love, joy, and I wanted to offer to the audience a path to search for emotions“.

Related to the question of participation in the scenic setting of the play, Karahasan stated: “I have not been very much involved in creating the show. I do not like to do it, because I do not like people to think and to feel as I do. I want people to come to their opinions on their own“.

Balkan (Con) Text talks will continue on the seventh day of the Festival, on Friday, the 4th October 2013, at 13 pm with a conversation with Doruntina Basha, the author of the play “Prst”.

(Source: Press Service of MESS Festival)


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