First Album of Ensemble Halka Promoted in Tuzla at the Bosnian Cultural Center

halkaAfter Sarajevo promotion of the first album of ensemble Halka, the promotion of folk songs and poems by great authors of Sevdah took place in Tuzla at the Bosnian Cultural Center.

The audience of  Tuzla eager for good Sevdah songs, every song of ensemble Halka awarded with deserved applause, and the concert lasted nearlytwo hours.

We recall that the album was produced by Edin Zubčević for production of “Gramafon” from Sarajevo, and in the context of the album promotion, Halka will perform in 10 cities in B&H.

Fans of Sevdah songs could listen to songs of Joze Penava, Zekerijaha Đezića, Rade Jovanović, Zaim Imamović and many other great authors of Sevdah.

At the end Bozo Vrećo, Dino Šukalo, Edvin Hadžić, Adis Sirbubalo and Anes Behlerbegović got deserved applause.



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