Fires in the area of Neum and Stolac are still active

According to the latest information from the Operational Center for Civil Protection (CZ) of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK), fires are still active in the municipality of Neum, in the localities of Dobri do, Gornje Hrasno and Zelenikovac, and the population and facilities are currently not endangered.

The fire on the stretch towards Gornja Duboka is also still active in Stolac, it is about 200 meters away from the houses, and the teams are on the ground, it was announced from the Operative Center of the Central Committee of HNK.

The fight with the fires in the area of Ravno Municipality lasted last night until midnight. The fire threatened the settlements of Turkovici and Pecina, and is currently under control and does not threaten houses and the population.

An abandoned hangar in the Rodoc settlement was burning in Mostar on Friday, August 6, while grass, low vegetation and garbage were burning in Capljina yesterday. The fires were extinguished.

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