FIPA-Plaques Given to Most Significant Foreign Investors

inv_projectsThe Agency for Foreign Investment Promotion in B&H (FIPA) announced the company ‘Granmir &Co’ d.o.o. Međugorje, “FL Wood“ d.o.o. Foča, “Alpina-Bromy“ d.o.o. Tešanj” and “Sisecam Soda“ d.o.o. Lukavac“ as the most important investors in B&H in 3012.

Representatives of these companies were given plaques by FIPA at the manifestation called ‘Choice of Foreign Investors in B&H in 2012’, which gathered a significant number of representatives of institutions, international organizations, accredited ambassadors and business communities in B&H.

‘’The awarded companies recognized the investment opportunities in B&H and successfully commenced business activity and in this way sent a positive message to potential foreign investors on the opportunities for investment in B&H’’, said the Director of FIPA during the ceremony Jelica Grujić.

She stressed that these examples deserve maximum attention, even more so if it is known that at the global level last year there was a decline of foreign direct investments of 18 percent, which is reflected in the situation in B&H.

Referring to the data of the Central Bank of B&H, Grujić stated that last year in B&H 558 million BAM of foreign direct investments were marked.

The choice of foreign investors in B&H is an event that represents the most successful foreign companies that operate in B&H and in this way contribute to its positive perception in the business world.

(Source: Fena)

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