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Find Your Spark 2018: Win a Drone, a Gaming Console or a Remote Control Car

From the latest electric cars, drones, smart devices, robots and game consoles, through three competitions with valuable rewards to drone, robots and 3D printers workshops – another Find Your SPARKis getting ready.

On Saturday, 25 Aug 2018 from 12 to 6 pm on the SPARK premises (Mostar), visitors will be able to participate in three parts of this event:#1 Gadget Show – the exhibition of interesting gadgets #2 Gamer Challenges – three competitions #3 Brain Gym – three workshops.

Just a few days ago, we closed volunteering applications for this event, but now we’re launching competition applications. What is it about? This year we have three competitions and three great prizes:#1 Drone Height Estimation As you can see by the name, the first competition is an estimate of the height of the drone. But in order to make the competition a little bit more complicated, the contestants will first have to attend the workshop Use and Purpose of Dronesand pass the test at the end of the workshop.

The maximum number of contestants is 30. The prize: DJI Mavic Air#2 Mario Kart The second competition is the Mario Kart race on the Nintendo Switch console. Who will you compete with – Mario or Luigi? The maximum number of contestants is 32.

The prize: Nintendo Switch#3 RC Car Race Last, but not least, competition is another race, this time RC cars. Who will be the best at managing cars with a remote control? The maximum number of contestants is 10. The prize: Quanum Vandal 1/10 4WD Electric Racing BuggyApplications are open not later than 10 August and the number of places is limited, so hurry up and fill in the short form. The competition rules will be sent via email to the applicants.

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