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November 30, 2012 12:30 PM

Thousands of young people from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that did not have any working experience, and are not listed in the Bureau for unemployed people, have the opportunity to start working in 2013, thanks to the program conducted by the Federal Employment Bureau.

People younger than 30 years, without working experience, have the opportunity to seek employment within the Project of strengthening the competitiveness on the working market entitled ” First working experience”.

”Thanks to this program 500 highly educated people will be employed for a year in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Another 500 people with secondary education will be employed for six months”- said Kenan Rešo, the director of the Federal Employment Bureau. The requirements for this kind of employment are simple. You have to be younger than 30 years, have no working experience in the profession you studied, and you have to send your application to the bureau before the publishing of the public competition. The employees who want to participate in this project will receive 450 BAM per month for each employed person. The paycheck for the employed will be administered by the employee, and it cannot be lower than the lowest personal income in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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  • This projects reflects a really good idea, even though the salary per month is not really high. Furthermore, it is really good and beneficial for young people, especially the ones who are under 30 years to develop their talents. Additionally, these same young people are the ones who have capabilities to make Bosnia Herzegowina a better place economically, as well as politically.

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