Find out the Prices of Ski Passes for Bjelasnica and Igman

BjelašnicaThe Igman-Bjelašnica Ski Center takes in three ski areas: Babin Do on Mount Bjelašnica and Veliko Polje and Malo Polje on Mount Igman.

The lanes on Babin Do are among some of the best ski lanes in Europe. There are seven ski lifts which will take you right to the very top of Bjelašnica (2,067 meters above sea level) and you can enjoy night skiing every day from 6:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Youngsters are also sure to have plenty of fun at the Baby Ski Park (at Štinji Do), where they can have their first ski lessons with professional trainers.

The Veliko Polje ski area is nestled among pine forests which contribute to the exceptional quality of the air, a feature that is known throughout Central Europe. The lanes are also open for both daytime and nighttime skiing.

Malo Polje is situated in a quiet valley, making it the ideal location for a ski school for youngsters. There are four baby ski lifts and a two-seater ski lift for older and more experienced skiers.

All three ski areas are about 32 km from the center of town and 23 km from the Sarajevo International Airport.


Prices for adult ski passes

• Single run pass – 5 KM

• All-day pass (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) – 25 KM

• Two-hour pass – 12 KM

• Three-hour pass – 15 KM

• Four-hour pass – 20 KM

• Two-day pass – 40 KM

• 7-day pass – 130 KM

• 10-day pass – 170 KM

• 100 points collected – 90 KM

• Season pass with photographs – 350 KM

• Transferable season pass – 700 KM

• Special day pass and season pass (upon approval) – 20 KM

• Night skiing – 20 KM

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