Final Works taking place at the Capital Tower in Sarajevo

The Business Center “Capital Tower Sarajevo”, which is located on the site of the former Kumrovec Cinema in the settlement of Otoka, will start receiving first tenants from  September 1, and the official opening should take place then as well.

Opening was prolonged due to unforeseen circumstances, but the most important and difficult works at the business center have been finalized. They are currently working on cleaning the facility and preparing office and other business premises for their tenants.

Contracts with first tenants were already signed, and one of the banks will have their branch office on the ground floor. According to the management, well-known domestic and foreign companies will be located in the Capital Tower.

The day of the official opening of the business center is still unknown, but it is expected that it will take place by the beginning of November this year.

The object Kumrovec, which was constructed in 2008, was one of the largest in Sarajevo, but it was empty and unfinished for a long period of time. Abdulah Mehdi from Syria purchased it last year.

From the Capital Tower announced that this business center will offer new content, i.e. the quality of services will be brought to a higher level than the current one, although there already are good and modern business centres in Sarajevo.


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