How was the Film “Sarajevo Roses” made?

Sarajevo Roses


Roger Richards, director from the USA, is finishing the film “Sarajevo Roses” in cooperation with the BiH producer and director Oggi Tomić .

“Sarajevo Roses is a film essay told through the story of five different people who speak about the influence of war on the lives of people.

“Roger approached me several years ago, when I was working on my documentary, and asked me to join the team as a producer and cinematographer. I met Roger in 1994, when he was taking photographs in Sarajevo, and we got in touch via Facebook,” Tomić says.

This film is contextually connected with his previous film “Finding Family”. When asked if he will continue seeking inspiration in the war Sarajevo, Tomić says:

“I am trying to move away from that story because our city and our country have many positive stories that I am looking for to make my next documentary. I am sure that people, just like I do, want to turn towards the positive future and life instead of thinking about the nineties again and again.”

Tomić accepted this film because the making of this film began 22 years ago and he wanted to help Roger finish the project and show the film to the BiH audience.

“It was very interesting to meet the cello player from Sarajevo during the making of this film and many other people who participated in the making of this film,” says Tomić about the experience that the making of this film brought. He added that participation in the Sarajevo Film Festival is a great satisfaction.

This film will be premiered in August this year.


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