A Film with Adnan Hasković competes in the New York Festival

Adnan HaskovićAfter successful cooperation with global names such as Penelope Cruz, Sean Bean and Tilda Swinton, actor Adnan Hasković continues building a successful international career. He established cooperation with the Austrian director and camera director Marcus Müller on the movie “Tata”, which will have its world premiere within the main competitive program of the 20th Rhode Island International Film Festival, New York.

The film was set in Belgrade, during the NATO bombing, and it is based on a true story that speaks about a socially endangered father who is unable to afford a prom dress for his daughter and decides to post an ad according to which he is selling a kidney.

“Basically, he did not sell the kidney because people helped him, money was raised. She got a prom dress without that venture. However, this story was interesting to Marcus so he went a step further following the trace of what really happened, the limits that a man is capable of crossing for his child. That is a warm, human story that promotes food and aims at ennoble the viewers. It comes at the right time, when we turn from each other more and more, to remind us how great it is to be a human and that luck comes when we make someone’s dreams come true,” Hasković said.

The film was made in February in Belgrade and the language used is the language of the nations of the former Yugoslavia, for the story to be authentic. Hasković plays one of the main roles, the brother-in-law of the main character played by Goran Šušljik.

“The two of them were never in good relations. The character I am playing resents the main character and is the biggest opponent of his marriage with my character’s sister. My character is quite suspicious, he is a boss of some underground, he is weird and mysterious, but an interesting character to play. Despite everything, he also has a heart. Basically, this is a principle of Greek tragedy, everyone’s right but everyone’s also wrong. Everyone has their motive. My character loved his sister very much, and she ended up tragically. The pain remained, maybe even guilt, and we always look for someone else to blame, which is why different situations happen,” Hasković said.

Jovana Stojiljković played the little girl in the film.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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