Fikret Abdic released from Custody so that he can participate in the Election Campaign

Fikret Abdic Babo was released from custody after his legal representatives yesterday submitted a request to the Cantonal Court in Bihac to allow him to participate in the election campaign.

The current mayor of Velika Kladusa and the candidate for the position of mayor in the local elections in 2020 arrived in this municipality today, where he was welcomed by supporters and members of the Labor Party, Avaz reports.

Earlier, his defense attorneys appealed to the Cantonal Court, as well as to the BiH Central Election Commission, because Abdic was prevented from actively participating in the political campaign.

He addressed those present who had gathered just before his arrival and said that the most important thing was that “nothing was lost” because he “went to Bihac”.

“Even though I went to prison, I follow everything,” he said, adding that now was the time for the Labor Party, which “is the only one who knows what it wants, to start a campaign.”

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