Fight between a large Group of Migrants occurred in Velika Kladusa (video)



A fight between a large group of migrants has taken place on Monday in Velika Kladusa near the Miral reception center.

According to eyewitnesses, the migrants were also armed.

Another bloody incident was reported in the center of Tuzla on Sunday. Illegal migrants renting a room in one guest house have started fight that has resulted in serious injuries, Avaz reports.

The information was confirmed by the Cantonal Prosecutor on duty, Mensur Mujaric, who will examine the suspects on official premises when a court interpreter for Arabic is available.

“The injured person was transported to the University Clinical Center Tuzla. We are awaiting information on the extent of injuries. The investigation was carried out by members of the Criminal Police Department of the Tuzla Police Department – Prosecutor Mujaric told Avaz.

Migrants suspected of causing serious injury did not have documents or did not want to show them to police officers. There is also the possibility of qualifying the act by an NN perpetrator, as the protagonist of the incident reportedly escaped. In Tuzla, as well as in other parts of BiH, clashes among illegal migrants are frequent.

Among the people on the move are those who are engaged in criminal activities, and in Tuzla, there are a dozen such persons, who continuously cause problems.

A snapshot of fight soon leaked and can be watched in the video below.

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