Fifty Years ago, 26 High School Students from Travnik entered in Fico Car

Former graduates gathered to mark 50 years after their graduation in the high school in Travnik. Among them was the IV-1 class of the Teachers’ School, which is the owner of an unusual record during the time of Yugoslavia.

In April 1969, participants of all the Yugoslav high schools participated in the competition “How many people can fit in Fico car?”. The graduates of IV-1 grade teachers of high school center in Travnik won the competition launched by the “Start” magazine. They succeeded in setting up an absolute Yugoslav record after a few training sessions and 26 of them entered in Fico car, the Zastava brand car type 750!

Fifty years later this generation gathered in Travnik

“We won a new Fico for the award and we gave it to the professor whose vehicle we used to record. By selling the old Fico we provided money for all of us to go to the school trip in Dubrovnik,”  Olga Balic, a teacher of the Travnik Teacher’s School from 1969, told to Avaz portal.

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