Fifty Migrants in Reception Centers in Bosnia tested positive for Covid-19

Fifty migrants and refugees tested positive for coronavirus and are currently isolated in temporary reception centers in the Una-Sana Canton (USC), it was confirmed at yesterday’s session of the Cantonal Crisis Staff of the Ministry of Health.

There is a complete isolation in force of service users and employees in the Temporary Reception Center “Borići” in Bihac, given that a large number of people are positive for COVID-19, Fena news agency writes.

“Currently we have 50 coronavirus positive migrants. 45 of them are in the ‘Borici’ center, which is now completely isolated as quarantine. I must say that in addition to 45 migrants, there are also 12 employees of international organizations and security agencies. We tested 199 samples of users of the center’s services, and 145 when it comes to employed staff, and we really have a strict daily control,” said the Minister of Health of the USC Nermina Cemalovic.

The epidemiologist is also monitoring the situation in the Temporary Reception Center “Miral” in Velika Kladuša, where five Covid positive people are in quarantine.

“We have five Covid positive people in ‘Miral’ in Velika Kladuša. These are two new migrants, and three people dislocated from the Lipa site. At the Lipa site, we currently have no active cases of COVID-19, but if there are any, we will immediately relocate these people to ‘Miral’, where conditions for isolation and adequate treatment have been provided. At this moment, we are forced to react in that way, considering that we still do not have appropriate conditions for holding and the necessary isolation in the ‘Lipa’ camp,” added Ćemalović.

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