Festival of Mountaineering and Photography held in Kreševo

800px-IgmanOn Sunday, 4th August 2013 is officially closed Outdoor Film & Photo Festival Kreševo​​2013(3FOK), a festival dedicated to mountaineering, the only one of its kind in B&Hand in neighboring countries.

Visitors, that in all four night of the program were in a large number, were able to see 25 films in the competitive  part of the program and movies of Stipe Bozić, Ilhan Dervovića and Dinne Kasala.  At the “Napredak Home” were exhibited more than 80 photos, which competed for awards in four categories.

A Photo that shows a climbers who climbs one of the peaks of Prenja, from a young photographer from Jablanica Adnan Behrema, was declared as the best in the category ofMountains, sports and adventure“.

The Photo that shows a climbers who through the clouds is watching the sun in Caucasus, by Aleksandar Tijanić, won the first place in the category of Osvajaci bezkorisnog’ (  The Useless Conqueror).

Colors of  the special photo of  Tomislav Marković with snow flakes in field of orchids,  was awarded in the category ofEcology and protection. “The same author has won the first prize in the category of Forgotten beauty’ for a photo of  mountain lakes in the Alps.

The best film was declared ‘Planinarski put Bitovinja- Pogorelica-Vranica’ (Mountain pathBitovnjaPogorelicaVranica), by Dalibor Sičanica from Kreševo​​. The film is about the long mountain path in B&H, which is still active today, and about seventy kilometers long journey through the beautiful countryside of the highest central Bosnian mountains.

Mountaineering ClubBitovnja’,  which is the organizer of the festival, will announce in the next month the call for authors to sign in for 3FOK2014.

The main sponsor of the festival was the Municipality of Kreševo.


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