Festival of B&H Art in Zagreb

December 15, 2012 12:13 PM

The Festival of B&H Art under the title ” Ja BIH…pet dana Sarajeva u Zagrebu” ( I want five days of Sarajevo in Zagreb) in the organization of the Association for improvement of culture and art ” Ja BIH” was held in Zagreb from the 7th till 11th December. The Festival of B&H in Zagreb presented parts of film, literature, music and theater art from B&H. Several programs were organized and held at Cinema ” Metropolis” at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Zagreb Gallery ” Velvet”. This was the second time that the Association formed in 2000 in Zagreb organizes this type of program in the capital of Croatia. Until now, three programs were organized and hosted in Sarajevo, where the Association presented a selection of best Croatian films. On that occasion various exhibitions were opened and concerts of Zagreb bands were also held in Sarajevo. According to the organizers of this event, this project should help to set the ground for the exchange of cultural collaboration between these two cities and countries as an example of European collaboration and good neighborly relations. Ismet Efendić, the president of the Association ” Ja BIH” said that he is more than proud of the activities of this project. The Festival also organized a book promotion by Esad Bajtal, entitled ” Sevdalinka alhemija duše”. Late night show ” Jedinac” in the production of ” Magacin Kabare” from Sarajevo was also staged at the Festival. Zana Marjanović plays the leading role in the late night show ”Jedinac”. Multiple new B&H films were screened such as: “Body Complete” by Lukas Sturm, “Nebo iznad krajolika” by Nenad Đurić, “Posljednji krug” by Pjer Majhrovski, “Miris dunja” and “Kasabe” by Mirza Idrizović and “Moj brat Aleksa” by Aleksandar Jevđević. The manifestation was closed with the screening of a documentary film ” Od skloništa do Sarajevskog ratnog teatra” directed by Nikad Kreševljaković and Saneka Kapetanović. This documentary was made on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first theater production in Sarajevo during war. The first theater production of Sarajevo War Theater was the drama entitled ” Sklonište” ( Shelter) directed by the late Dubravko Bibanović. Film directors Lukas Sturm and Emir Kapetanović attended the Festival together with a lot of other Bosnian actors and actresses, such as Senad Bašić, Adnan Hasković, Miraj Grbić, Adi Hrustemović and Zana Marjanović. In the musical program of the Festival ”Ja BIH… pet dana Sarajeva u Zagrebu”, music bands ” Mavi kan” and ”Teška industrija” performed their popular songs and promoted their repertoires.

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