The Festival “Čudna Šuma”: Jinx, Obojeni program, Rundek, Rambo Amadeus, TBF and Many Others to Perform

festival-cudna-suma-u-ekoselu-ecofutura_1409232085“Čudna šuma” (“Strange forest”), the festival which embraces art, music and raising of the ecological awareness will be held in the eco-village EcoFutura near Hreša, above Sarajevo, from the 5th to 7th September 2014.

Within the festival, there will be workshops and exhibitions about ecology through photography, painting, sculpting, comic books and fire dance performance and bands, and for those who wish to camp, there will also be a possibility to do that.

The music part of the festival:

September 5th (Friday) – from 12:00 to 18:00 o’clock: Art&DJ, 18:00 – 01.00: Obojeni program, Jinx, Skroz, Sikter, Billy Andol, 01:00 – 06:00 : DJ floor

September 6th (Saturday) – 12:00 – 18.00 : Art&DJ, 18:00 – 01:00 : Edo Maajka, Letu Štuke, Rundek Cargo Trio, Laka, Strava škola and Corbansick, 01.00 – 06:00 : DJ floor

September 7th (Sunday) – 12:00 – 18:00 . Art& DJ, 18:00-01:00: TBF, Darkwood Dub, Rambo Amadeus, Protest, Anarhiv, Intheroom, 01:00 – 06:00 DJ floor

“Čudna šuma” is an ecological festival. All participants and guests are in a way linked to the preservation of the nature and ecology in general. The goal is to educate the visitors through art contents and all of that in a place that was recognized in Sarajevo and in the region as a unique place when it comes to nature resources and sustainable development. This is our contribution to the final waking of the awareness about nature, its potential and richness that can be used without pollution.” – announced the organizers.

The transport from Sarajevo, to and from the place of the festival will be ensured by special bus lines. The organizers said that there is also enough space for parking and detailed marking from Sarajevo to the eco-village EcoFutura.

EcoFutura is on 1200 meters of above-sea altitude, surrounded by thick forest, on fresh air and fresh spring water available. We are convinced that the people from B&H didn’t yet had a chance to listen to their favourite band in such an atmosphere which provides a different feeling from the city festivals. The stage will be installed on a lawn which offers a view to all Sarajevo mountains. We are sure that everyone will enjoy the festival.” – explained the organizers.

Besides bands, many DJs will also perform at the festival: Yudisthira-Live, Weedran, Focho, Atonic, Mili Sefic, Treba Mi Bass a.k.a Nane&Ismix, Rain, Bass-ul-Ulema Crew, Keon, Hibrid, Agni, Nodi Digitala, Tilawa Project, Arronax-Live, Taurus Gemini, Komorat and Otari Sound.

The tickets can be bought via site All other information are available at the official FB website of the festival.

(Source: Klix)

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