Fedra in Bugojno: “Nužda natjerala” Performed At Festival; Tonight is “Andrija”

404167_241613182627750_359695199_nOn the fourth day of the Fedra Festival in Bugojno, the Youth Theatre Tuzla put on a performance of “Nužda natjerala” directed by Adnan Mujkić.

The performance emerged as a project for Drama Studies for children and youth. This studio deals with problems that youth face, and through art show how the problems are treated and demonstrate how they reflect on the youth, and this time serious topics and scenes were played out in a very interested and different way.

Tonight at the City Threatre jazavac at 20:30 there will be the play “Andrija” (Milica Malešević) directed by Dragana Marić and Vladimir Đorđević.

Actors in the play are: Miloš Petković, Minja Marković, Jovana Zec, Milorad Nikšić, Dejan Stupar, Teodora Vokić, Nikolina Topić, Drago Batar, Dragan Pančić, Branka Trbić, Nikolina Blanuša, Delibor Tešanović and Blanka Knežević.

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