Federal Government approved the Increased Wholesale Price of Gas

The Federal Government today approved the wholesale price of natural gas for distribution companies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, starting from May 1st, which amounts to 640 BAM/ 1000 Sm3 and 0.640 BAM/ Sm3. No value added tax is included in this price.

The Government emphasized that the decision to increase the price of natural gas was made by estimating the cost of the purchase price, the current position of BH-Gas Sarajevo as well as strategic projects with consideration of all aspects of the business.

The gas price increase was supported by the BH Gas Supervisory Board as well as the Federal Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mining.

In January 2019, BH GAS Sarajevo submitted a request to the Federal Ministry of Commerce seeking to increase the wholesale price of gas to distribution companies by 31.31 percent, ie from 495 BAM to 650 BAM / 1,000 SM 3, and to apply a new price from January 1st, 2019. In accordance with the prescribed legal procedure, the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry delivered an opinion on the request.

This ministry argued that there are reasons to increase the price of natural gas, and that the proposed increase in wholesale price by 31.31 percent, with all the negative socio-economic aspects, will also affect the reduction of natural gas consumption in the Federation of BiH and , ultimately result in an additional increase in the price of this fuel.

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