Federal Government allocated one Million BAM for the Reconstruction of Old Town in Gradacac

The Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) approved the use of funds intended  for tourism development in the FBiH in the amount of 3.100.000 BAM.

Complex of Old Town in Gradacac is one part of the project and is of a special importance for the tourist development of FBiH. The reconstruction and protection project of this cultural and historical monument will be co-financed in the amount of 1 million BAM.

Why is the Site important for Tourism Development?

Besides the fertile plum orchards of this area, when you think of Gradacac – the first thought that comes to your mind is the Dragon of Bosnia – Husein-Captain Gradascevic, whose legend still lives.

Even though Husein-Captain is one of the most prominent BH historical figures as a general who fought for Bosnian autonomy in the Ottoman Empire, Gradacac has also other names that we are proud of – writer and revolutionary Hasan Kikic, historian Mustafa Imamovic and many others.

At the place where once was Palanka of Gradacac, in 1756 started construction of the fortress, as well as the whole complex of the Old Town. It was a well-organized fortress stocked with 15 heavy guns. Since the first of captain of Gradacac Mehmed Bey until the last Husein-captain, the fortress was fully completed.

The clock tower, built as the youngest object of its kind, was built during the reign of the Ottomans in BiH. When the Austro-Hungarians came to BiH, the clock for it was bought in Vienna and worked until 1923, when it was replaced by a new satellite. In World War II the clock stopped, and the clock tower was used as a warehouse for petrol.

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