Federal Government allocated 28 million BAM for Medical Institutions in BiH

The Federal Government has today adopted four spending programs with allocations of funds for health care in the total amount of 36.55 million BAM.

A program worth 28.5 million BAM is envisaged for financing medicines and medical supplies, providing health services and implementing the Federal Solidarity Fund program. Out of this amount, 11 million BAM is provided to health care, and 17.5 million for the provision of medicines and medical resources.

Also, 50,000 BAM will be provided for the health care of Roma in the Federation of BiH. In this way, adequate health care is provided for persons of Roma origin who do not have permanent residence or residence in FBiH, under the same conditions as other population groups exposed to increased risk of illness.

The fourth program, which envisages six million BAM will be divided into equal parts of two million into the University Clinical Center of Sarajevo, University Clinical Hospital Mostar and the University Clinical Center of Tuzla.

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