Federal Civil Protection Administration warns Citizens on Unexploded Mines!

The Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ) warns that, by the arrival of spring and melting of snow, the risk of finding unexploded ordnance (UXO) and mines increases.

FUCZ warns on the necessity of proper and safe behavior in such situations, especially appealing to endangered groups – farmers, construction workers, collectors and processors of secondary raw materials, hunters and hikers, who, in the case of finding mine or UXO, should immediately call 121 or police 122. It is especially important that the place where the device is visibly marked, preferably photograph and also, they should remember the location.

They also appeal to those who spend their daily activities outside settlements and in nature, saying they should not move to areas that they do not know.

“We appeal to persons to respect the established mine danger signs so that they do not endanger their own security, because disrespect or destruction of these marks for someone may be fatal. The Federal Civil Protection Administration has trained personnel and material resources and is ready to take all the necessary activities to protect citizens from mines.


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