FBiH Government adopted the Employment Strategy for the period 2018 – 2021

The Government of the FBiH accepted the Employment Strategy in the FBiH for the period 2018 – 2021, and sent it to the Parliament of FBiH for further consideration and final adoption.

An analysis of the situation in the labour market and employment policies preceded the process of drafting of the Strategy , and it clearly showed the need for great reforms and intensive efforts and activities with the aim of significant improvement of the situation in this sector in the FBiH.

The employment strategy usually includes several sectoral policies, and those are industrial policy, restructuring of enterprises, specific strategies at the level of industry (i.e. development strategy of textile industry), education policy, social protection, tax policy, anti-corruption strategy and policy, and it makes a proposal on a broad package of reforms with the aim of improving the look of the labour market.

The vision of the Strategy is that the FBiH has a functional labour market and quality institutions that can create and realize an effective employment policy. Its main goal is to further increase formal employment of women and men in the private sector and secure opportunities for decent jobs for all women and men, while its special emphasis is on citizens in disadvantaged situation.

Specific goals were determined on this basis, and they include creation of an encouraging legal environment for strengthening of the role of mediation and an efficient employment policy, the promotion of employment of socially vulnerable citizens, and the improvement of the efficiency and quality of employment services, as announced by the Office for Public Relations of the Government of FBiH.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)




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