FB&H Prime Minister Received UN Residential Coordinator to B&H

niksic_afanasajevThe FB&H Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić received today the Residential Coordinator of the UN in our country Yuri Afanasiev. Director of the FB&H Environmental Fund Safet Harbinja attended the meeting.

In order to improve the cooperation between the UN agencies in B&H and the FB&H government, Afanasiev informed Prime Minister Nikšić of the UN activities in the FB&H in the area of energy efficiency and projects of importance in environmental protection for this year and in the next five-year period.

As part of the continued cooperation of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Environmental Protection Fund of the FB&H, a project called ‘Increasing energy efficiency in public buildings in the FB&H” was launched, and the result is that the Fund has a high-quality database with estimates of energy condition for 600-700 buildings. According to Afanasiev, this is a good basis for UNDP activities in the next period.

On behalf of the UN team in B&H, Afanasiev thanked Prime Minister Nikšić for his support so far in the implementation of the program and projects of the UN in B&H and the FB&H and expressed his conviction that this cooperation would continue to be successful.

(Source: FB&H Press Office)

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