Fazlic: We oppose the temporary Return of illegal Migrants to Bihac

The Mayor of Bihac, Suhret Fazlic, joined the gathered citizens in front of the recently closed Migration Center “Bira” on Wednesday, where he held an extraordinary session of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the City of Bihac.

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina was again asked not to adopt any decision on the transfer of migrants to “Bira”, because the violent implementation of such a possible order would completely disrupt the security situation in the city of Bihac and Una-Sana Canton.

”We also oppose the temporary return of illegal migrants to this center in the center of the city, because we have already been deceived in the same way. That’s why I’m here too, because we just can’t let the inner city zone be run over anymore. We are ready to provide meals and necessities for the people of Lipa Camp, and even with dignity to accommodate a certain number of these people in active centers or private accommodation, but we can not allow the Bira,” said Fazlic.

”We hope that a dignified solution will be found for these people, but it will not be in the Migration Center “Bira”. We are ready to defend that with our lives. We have been deceived many times already and we can no longer tolerate that we alone bear the burden of the migrant crisis. Remember, not so long ago, there were two thousand people in the center and as many around it. Only this part of the city had more incidents and crimes than half of the state,” said one of the gathered citizens, Adnan Habibija.

Fazlic emphasized that none of the representatives of the competent state institutions had contacted him in the previous days, in order to try to find an adequate and acceptable solution together.

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