Fatma Bulic – Woman from Tuzla who breaks all Barriers with her Wheelchair

fatma-bulic-696x456People with disabilities are often marginalized group in our society. Fatma Bulic from Tuzla opted, however, for optimism and success in life and she is destroying all barriers with her wheelchair.

She graduated from Mechanical Secondary School in Tuzla, Department for mechanical technician for computer design, as a regular student, and she saw a classroom only a dozen of times. Due to the architectural structure barriers, due to the distance of her home from school, due to an inaccurate system, Fatma was deprived of school days.

“When you have to learn something that you do not understand, and you have to prepare yourself, and there is no one to explain. When you have to prepare 14 subjects in only two weeks. It was difficult, but I managed to do it,” said Fatma Bulic.

Her colleagues, fellow citizens, and society have understanding for people with disabilities, said Fatma. However, the problem of education, employment, and movement of persons with disabilities must be solved by the state.

“The problem is in our government because they did not make things accessible to us as we are. We in wheelchairs, people who do not see, or people with any kind of disabilities,” says Bulic.

This young girl is currently employed at the Center for information of persons with disabilities “Lotos”. She is the author of three collections of poetry and prose. She is engaged in swimming, bowling, and archery.

“I was not sitting and waiting for the world to change, but I tried to change myself and make my life better,” said Bulic.

Her wish is to study political science or law. As a lawyer, she would help persons with disabilities to gain greater rights that are denied in today’s system in every way possible.

(Source: N1)

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