Fata Orlovic will sue Republika Srpska and seek Compensation for Illegally built Church in her Yard

Sarajevo lawyer Rusmir Karkin, who took over Fata Orlovic’s case before the competent courts in the process of moving the church from the yard of her house in Konjevic Polje after the death of his father, lawyer Fahrija Karkin, confirmed that a lawsuit against Republika Srpska (RS) for material and non-material damage to the Orlovic family is being prepared.

“Having in mind the court verdicts, especially the verdict of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (ECHR), there is a ground for filing a lawsuit for compensation of material and non-material damage caused by the long-term usurpation of the Orlovic family plot on which the church was located.”

Those who usurped Fata Orlovic’s property for so many years must have known that a lawsuit for damages would follow the execution of the verdict.

A large part of the lawsuit has already been prepared, but we are still working on it and I hope for a positive outcome, ” told lawyer Rusmir Karkin.

Lawyer Karkin could not tell what the amount of compensation will be.

Also, he was unable to answer the question of whether he expected “judicial obstruction” in this case, but he was convinced that where there was a legal basis, “the dispute must be settled fairly and on time”.

Daughter of Fata Orlovic, Hurija Karic, said that her mother, as well as the whole family, owe immense gratitude to lawyer Rusmir Karkin, and his deceased father Fahrija Karkin, for everything they did during the long legal struggle to move the church from Orlovic’s plot.

“Lawyer Rusmir has already consulted with us regarding the lawsuit and everything is in his and God’s hands now.”

My mother and our entire family have full confidence in everything that lawyer Karkin does, and we will be completely available to him, ” concluded Hurija Karic, Radio Sarajevo writes.

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