The fastest Internet in the World measured in Singapore, at which Place is BiH?

The fastest average internet speed in the world was recorded in Singapore, which, according to a new research conducted by M-Lab group, became the leader with the speed of 55.13 Mbps, before Sweden and Taiwan.

This research is based on the Internet speed that was determined through tens of thousands of tests, which showed in practical terms how much time is needed in some country to download 7.5 GB large movie in HD resolution, as reported by Cable.co.uk.

BiH occupies the 61st place on this list, out of a total of 189 countries, which, with an average speed of 7 Mbps, is ranked in the middle. However, the internet speed in our country is still the worst in comparison with the region, and the internet is slower only in Montenegro and Albania, and therefore downloading a 7.5GB large movie would take 2 hours and 26 minutes.

When it comes to the region, the fastest internet was recorded in Hungary (15), Romania (18), Slovenia (25), Bulgaria (27), Croatia (40) and Serbia (41).

The slowest internet in the world was recorded in Yemen, where users have an average speed of 0.34 Mbps.

This research was conducted on more than 63 million IP addresses, and it lasted for 12 months, until May 10, 2017. The study showed that 139 countries have an average Internet speed below 10 Mbps, which is the minimum speed that can fulfill needs of a typical family. Among the 30 countries with the fastest internet are mostly European and Asian countries, while the worst performance was recorded in more than half countries in Africa.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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