Fashion Show of Hand Knitted Items for Kids In Sarajevo Tomorrow

udruzeneThe fashion show of hand knitted items for kids made by women from B&H for renowned European fashion brands will be held at the House of the B&H Armed Forces in Sarajevo tomorrow at 18:30.

This show is organized by the association of women for the preservation of handicrafts “Udružene” with the support of Norwegian and USAID embassies.

“By this fashion show we want to present to the public our productions and the activities of our association that is in operation for more than a year. Also, the fashion show is an opportunity for the sensitization of local and foreign audiences, that by purchasing our products and through financial help are supporting further activities and development of our organization”, explained the Director of this organization Nadira Mingasson.

The non governmental organization “Udružene” is a voluntary organization of women that aims to protect, promote and preserve B&H handicrafts, transmission of traditional skills to the younger generations, as well as creating favorable conditions for creative work.

(Source: Fena)

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