Fans welcomed Representatives of BiH at the Airport Tuzla (Video)

Representatives of BiH in the sitting volleyball, who won the second place at the World Cup in the Netherlands on Sunday, landed at the International Airport Tuzla yesterday where they were welcomed by many fans.

Silver medal winners were welcomed by many citizens at the Airport Tuzla who did not hide their satisfaction with the success achieved by our silver boys.

“This was maybe even the most difficult finals for us, but I still think that we achieved a great success. We knew that a difficult path is ahead of us because we had certain problems even before,” said Sabahudin Delalic, who used this opportunity and thanked everyone who welcomed them at the International Airport of Tuzla.

The wish of BH representatives when they departed to the Netherlands was the placement in the finals of the competition and the Paralympic Games.

“We were secretly hoping to stay on the top and win against Iran, but we did not succeed. Unfortunately, or luckily, we had the most difficult path to finals this time. It was very difficult from the psychological aspect as well, but we managed to make a good result. Although it is not a gold medal, I believe that it is the most valuable one so far,” said representative Ermin Jusufovic.

To recall, our representatives were defeated by the team of Iran on Sunday with the score 3: 0 in sets, whole BH volleyball players won against the selection of Iraq, Egypt and Poland in the group stage of the competition at this year’s World Cup.

Our team won against Russia in the quarter-finals with the score 3: 1, and the same result was recorded in the semi-final match against the team of Brazil.

Unfortunately, our national team did not manage to defend the title of the world champions they achieved four years ago in Poland. Besides 2014, our national team was the best in the world in 2002 and 2006.

Take a look at the video:

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