Fans of speed engaged in 11th Rally Jahorina 2017 driven in Sarajevo

Fans of speed engaged in the six speed exams on the 11th Rally Jahorina 2017 driven through the capital of BiH Sarajevo and Trebevic and Jahorina Mountains in the vicinity during the weekend.

In front of several hundred people, the rally officially started in front of the BBI shopping center in the city of Sarajevo. On the first day of competition, drivers drove through the Sarajevo and hills around. On the second day they drove the hardest route on Trebevic Mountain, some 18 km southeast and Jahorina Mountain, some 28 km in the same direction.

The first Jahorina rally was held in 1969 and drivers from Slovenia, Serbia and BiH drove the exact same route this weekend as the very first one held 48 years ago.

After six speed examps, the victory was taken by crew from Serbia, Dejan Krcevinac and Dejan Golic who drove a car of Renault Clio Sport brand.

The second place was taken by Anton Sitar and Sonja Krasovec from Slovenia, who also drove the same car brand as the winners.

Rally has a tradition of some 50 years in BiH and it was especially successful in 1984 when the Yugoslavia Yu-Rally was driven for the European Championship. Rally is the most attractive discipline of car sports, as it provides an interactive relationship with the public.

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