Famous American Producer and Director Peter Radovich recording a Series about Dzanan Musa

Dzanan Musa will visit his native Bihac in the next 7 days with Peter Radovich, the famous producer and director of the American Sports Program CBS and winner of 27 Emmy Awards.

The main reason is a series that will be recorded in the hometown of our basketball team representative.

This will be the first time for a visit on this level and shooting to take place in the city at Una River. This will be the first time for someone connected with the NBA league to visit the city of Bihac as well.

The episode that will be recorded in the city on Una River is aimed at telling the story of Dzanan Musa and the small town from which he came to all Americans.

They will also talk about BC Cedevita where Dzanan spent 3.5 years. Another reason for the shooting itself is the fact that our basketball player will be on the NBA draft on June 21.

Dzanan revealed that it is a great honour for him to present BiH, the city of Bihac and his club before such a large auditorium and that they are planning a visit to the first playground where he started practicing basketball, as well as the first hall where he played a match.

Dzanan also noted that he will use this opportunity to show all the natural beauty of the city at Una River.

“I want to show everyone what kind of environment I am coming from and that special people live in Bihac. I received the information that we are waiting for better weather conditions for our recording. I am sure that Americans will be just delighted with the beauty of Una River. I am very excited. I am hoping for people on the streets and sending a positive picture of beautiful Bihac and BiH,” said Musa.

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