Family Jakupovic started a rare Business on the Initiative of their Youngest Son

The family Jakupovic from Prijedor started with the cultivation of chokeberries, black and red currants and blueberries at their family plantations, which still belong to rare cultures in these areas.

“My family started dealing with this job at my initiative. I learned a lot and during a four-year education at the Agricultural and Food School, and I gained a solid experience through well-organized practical lessons as well,” said Idriz Jakupovic, the youngest of the three sons of this family.

After the high school, Idriz obtained his degree in computer science and became a graduate IT scientist, but he did not waste his time waiting for a job opportunity, but decided to work at their family plantations instead.

He added that their production is small and that the main reason why they have no problems with the placement of their products is a great quality of their products.

Although there is a lot of work on these plantations during the entire year, the family Jakupovic, who invested 40,000 BAM in it, did not regret their decision to enter this job.

This family is not planning to stop with the cultivation of chokeberries, red currants and blueberries, but they are planning to improve their capacities and procurement of the equipment for making juices and jams.

“Nothing can happen overnight. We literally planted every piece of land we have and I believe that we will make a nice living from the business we started when all of it starts growing, ” said Idriz and advised all the young people in Prijedor to start cultivating cultures that are rare in these areas.

“I am very proud of my three sons, and I am glad that the youngest one decided to deal with this job and has a registered agricultural estate. Currently, this is his occupation, and we are helping him in all ways possible and I am hoping that he will see the results of his work very soon,” said Sead Jakupovic.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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