Family Fetahovic as Guardian of the Tradition: More than 200 years old Mill in Hrasnica

Watermills in which flour is produced in the traditional way, with the sound of the water and the smell of fresh grains, became quite rare in our country. But the proof that we still have them is a watermill near Sarajevo, in the settlement of Hrasnica, which is run by the Fetahovic family.

“I did this for my soul. And here you can see a real mill, which we restored a couple of years ago. It was adjusted to the present time a bit, but it still produces flour in a traditional way and keeps all of its quality ingredients. The mill is more than 200 years old and it has changed its owners several times. We are the last ones,” said Mehmed Mesa Fetahovic.

“We are producing integral flour in our mill that we eat. How healthy it actually is can be seen on the example of my father who is 83 years old and still jumps from rocks into the sea! We are producing wheat, corn, rye, barley and buckwheat flour,” said Mesa.

He emphasized that grains that they use for the production of flour are from the mountains and fields of our country.

“That is how we help each other in Bosnia. Farmers are selling me quality products, and I pay them well. It is going well. My wife Fenisa and I are mostly in the mill. The sale is going great, we cannot complain, we are making a nice living. We managed to place our products in some shopping centers as well. People also come to me to grind them something theirs, like corn,” said Fetahovic.

“I would recommend to everyone to eat whole grain products because they are a lot healthier. For example, people who are allergic to gluten can eat buckwheat. And buckwheat is also good for intestines because it contains cellulose. When it comes to my household, I am making bread that is made of several types of grains. It contains all kinds of flour and rye, barley, wheat, corn, and buckwheat,” said Fenisa.

Mesa also added that their bread can last up to ten days.

“I just put it in the fridge and I take two slices every morning. There is nothing healthier,” said Mesa Fetahovic for the end.


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