Family Business Has Grown Into A European Company

bekto-precisaCompany from Goražde “Bekto Precise” celebrated its 8th year of existence on 21 June. Even if it was established as a small, family business, it has grown into a company known in the entire world, and the number of employed has rise from 8 to over 400, among which is 45 engineers.

‘Bekto Precisa’ is today an industrial laboratory, from whose factories unique tools for the automobile industry all over Europe are produced. Superior quality products for sports, mechanical and electrical, as well as products for durable use in households are manufactured, which makes this synonymous with quality and confidence for its consumers, announced the company.

This factory is unique in Southeast Europe, covers an area of 50.000 square meters and has 270 highly sophisticated machines from the last generation in its factories.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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