Fairytale near Bihac: Japodian Islands are Example of successful BH Tourist Story

Tourism in BiH is recording constant growth year after year, which is the reason why more and more hotels, motels and small tourist crafts are opening up, which represent the culture and tradition of our people through the construction of eco-tourism villages and present them through their offers and products to tourists.

One of these places is located near Bihac on Una River and its five islands through which it flows. These are Japodian islands.

The islands represent the newest tourist attraction in Racic, which is unique because it preserves the tradition of Japods through its offer, which is the oldest Illyrian tribe whose remains were discovered in this area.

“The Japodian islands became a tourist destination by itself, and people who were coming to Una River, Strbacki buk and the local eco-villages wanted to visit our Japodian islands as well, and we recognized a great opportunity for development in that. We want to focus on the construction and getting our culture and history, which is over 2000 years old, closer to our guests. All of these historical facts can be a good opportunity for even better tourist promotion in the upcoming period,” said Amidzic.

This tourist center is bordering with the National Park Una, it contains a parking lot, a restaurant, a roundabout with a campfire, a beach bar and a camping site at the area of almost 20,000 square meters. A special attraction is a wooden cottage, which was built to accommodate guests with a view of the Una River.

Currently, their greatest wish and a long-term project is to complete the reconstruction of a Japodian settlement, which will look something like an open-air museum where people can get introduced to the Japodian culture, weapons, and costumes.

They are planning to set up former authentic dwellings, old mills, and watermills as well.

“The Japodian Islands are part of the National Park Una, part of the Cluster, but completely separate. We will improve the entire tourist offer of our canton as well as the country through our offer and content that we are planning to promote in the upcoming period and with the help of everyone involved in the sector of tourism,” said Amidzic.


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