FACE TV: ‘Zemljo Moja’ Program

Zemljo moja_KakanjMake sure to not miss the travelogue series of Marjan Mijajlović on FACE TV under the motto ‘get to know your country so you could like it more!’. Marjan travels from city to city, films B&H cities, people, its beauty and traditions.

In tonight’s episode, we will show the second part of the report from Kakanj. Our team spoke with Nermin Mandra, the Mayor of the municipality. We visited the sports clubs OK ‘Kakanj’, FK ‘Rudar’ and RK ‘Mladost’, which found themselves in the same league for the first time in history. You can expect many other curiosities, and nothing escaped our team. There will be musicians, artists, local businesses, etc.

The series ‘Zemljo Moja’ will start at 20:30.

(Source: Press Office FACE TV)

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