External graduation for 9th grade students

The students of the 9th grade in the area of the Canton Sarajevo will be the first generation that will have an external graduation that will replace the High school entrance exam.

In June next year, 2.6000 students from 73 Sarajevo Primary schools will take an exam that will decide on their future education. The external graduation is not only an exam for the students, but it acts as an evaluation tool of schools and teachers.

The students will have to take five exams, in 5 different subjects. Three exams are obligatory for everyone. Those are native language, foreign language and math. Other two subjects can be chosen from the group of social sciences. The test on the exam will encompass all the curricular of the 8th and 9th grade.

As this will be the first time that Primary school students are going to take the external graduation, the parents are getting concerned. It is reported from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Federation of B&H that a catalogue containing the information that may be tested will be available from February 2013.

The catalogue will consist of questions that will be encompassed in fewer numbers on the actual exams. The external graduation will be organized on the area of the Federation of B&H. Because of the current fear of the external graduation the personnel at the Ministry of Education claim that these exams are nothing to be afraid of, and that they expect that with this, better knowledge and education will be secured.

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