Exports of Furniture and finished Wood Products from the FBiH are recording an Increase

Exports of furniture from the FBiH recorded an increase by 12 % in the year of 2017 in comparison to 2016 and it amounted to a total of 303.174.623 BAM.

According to the analysis of the Chamber of Commerce of the FBiH (CCFBiH), the total exports of wood, wood products, furniture and other final products from the FBiH amounted to 778,751,258 BAM, which is by 8 % more than in the year of 2016.

“However, firewood, logs, timber and sawn timber still have a large share of exports, which amounts to about 60 % of the total exports, of which 15 % are forest products and 28 % sawn materials, which represents a problem for manufacturers of final products because they do not have enough raw materials, and their production is mostly export-oriented,” said the Secretary of the Group of Forestry and Wood Processing in the CCFBiH, Semsa Alimanovic.

She also noted that it is necessary to find a way to provide sufficient amount of raw materials and to direct it towards wood processing companies in the FBiH.

“It is very important to note that companies in this sector are recording very good results, despite very difficult economic conditions and without any support from the state. Availability of raw materials and adequate support would enable better competitiveness and larger chances for export to domestic producers,” stated Alimanovic.



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