Export of Meat from Bosnia and Herzegovina increased 154 Percent


Exports of meat and meat products from Bosnia and Herzegovina increased by as much as 154 percent in the first three months of this year, according to the BiznisInfo news portal based on data from the Foreign Trade Chamber.

The volume of meat and meat processing in the first quarter amounted to 102,319,922 BAM which is by 16 million BAM more than in 2019.

Exports amounted to 25.392.021 BAM, and imports 76.927.901 BAM.

Exports grew by 154.05 percent and imports by 1.09 percent. The export-import ratio was 33 percent.

A significant increase in exports was recorded in beef, since during this period exports to Turkey ( 7,718.6390 BAM) began.

Exports of poultry meat increased by 74.46 percent, sausages and similar products by 21.99 percent, and other canned products by 82.57 percent.


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