What is the Export – Import Coverage in the Sector of Fruit and Vegetables?

February 27, 2018 12:30 PM

Fruits and vegetables were imported in BiH in a total amount of 346 million BAM, while the value of exports amounted to 214 million BAM, and the export – import coverage was 62 %, as noted from the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.

They also noted that imports and exports of fruits and vegetables recorded an important increase in the last five years, and the export – import coverage in the year of 2013 amounted to 41 %.

The fruit sector dominates in the overall exchange, and the five leading export products are frozen raspberries, fresh pears, fresh apples, fresh plums and gherkins.

When it comes to imports, dominant are bananas, citruses, pears and apples, while vegetables make only 22 % of imports.

BiH imports most fruits and vegetables from Italy, Serbia, the Netherlands and Turkey, while our leading export markets are Russia, Serbia, Germany and Croatia.

BiH realizes the surplus only with Russia and Germany.

At the presentation was noted that BiH imports large quantities of fruits and vegetables at very low prices, which puts the quality of these products into question.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)





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