Export and Tourism Growth show that BiH has been the First in the Region

June 17, 2019 1:00 PM

According to World Bank forecasts, the economy of BiH will grow faster than the regional average for the next three years.

In 2019, the BiH economy will grow by 3.4 percent, next year by 3.9 percent and by 2020 by 4 percent.

The economy of BiH will grow faster than the economy of Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, and approximately the same as the economy of Serbia, Turkey, and, which is the biggest surprise of Kosovo.

Namely, the World Bank predicts a strong growth of Kosovo’s economy: this year, the economy of Kosovo will increase by 4 percent, and the next two years will grow at an equal rate of 4.5 percent.

Prime Minister of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, commented for Slobodna Bosna newspapers on this World Bank forecast.

“This coincides with our forecasts, and I think the main factor of the expected strong growth of the BiH economy is continuous growth of exports. In the last four years, exports to BiH increased by 50%, which is the absolute largest growth in exports throughout the region. Strong growth has also contributed to an increasing number of persons employed in BiH. Almost 120,000 new jobs have been opened in the last four years, and it is important to point out that most new jobs are opened in the real sector because, as you know, the moratorium on employment in the government apparatus is still in place. This moratorium is largely respected, Prime Minister Zvizdic told “Slobodna Bosna”.

Prime Minister Zvizdic says economic growth is also significantly contributed by the flourishing of the tourism industry.

“Look at the statistics, and you will see that tourism has been growing at twofold rates for years, just as exports,” Prime Minister of BiH Denis Zvizdic told “Slobodna Bosna”.


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