Experts from UCC Tuzla removed Congenital Heart Anomalies from a 25-year-old Patient

September 3, 2017 9:00 AM

In the past several months, the cardio surgical program at the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic of the University Clinical Center (UKC) Tuzla has been intensified. Its doctors also perform several operations during one working day. The reason for that is the increased inflow of patients from all over BiH, as well as from the region.

Head of the Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery Dr. med. sci. Mustafa Tabakovic proudly stated that some diplomatic representatives are their patients and that they have been successfully operated at this clinic.

He also stated that they have successfully operated a large number of young patients with congenital heart defects and aorta in the last two years.

Dr. Tabakovic noted that a complex surgery was performed at the Clinical Hospital for Cardiovascular Surgery UKC Tuzla a few days ago, in which they reconstructed the exit tract of the right heart chamber, replaced the pulmonary valve and repaired the inter-atrial septal defect to a 25-year-old patient, in one act. The postoperative period of the patient went smoothly and she was released for home treatment.

“The patient’s illness should have been resolved immediately after birth or in early childhood. It is even a rare surprise that she managed to come to this age with all these abnormalities. Such surgical procedure has not been performed in UKC Tuzla before and, according to available information, not in any of the clinics in BiH,” he said.

This surgical procedure was done by a team led by the Head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Dr. med. sci. Mustafa Tabakovic. The team included Dr. Tarik Bakalovic, Jasmina Kovcic, a specialist in anesthesia, dipl. medical technician Safmir Okanovic, B.Sc. medical technician Dzevdet Dzambic, nurse Jasmina Music and medical technician Rijad Imamovic.

Dr. Tabakovic also noted that surgery for citizens of BiH is free of charge and that waiting for any type of cardiac surgery is no longer than 35 working days.



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